Things to Do in Krong Kampong Cham

Welcome to Krong Kampong Cham, a charming riverside city in Cambodia that invites you to discover the country's cultural richness and natural beauty. Nestled along the mighty Mekong River, this tranquil town seamlessly blends historical charm with a laid-back atmosphere, offering a unique escape for every traveler.

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Step into the past as you explore the iconic Bamboo Bridge, a seasonal structure that spans the Mekong and provides a picturesque pathway to Koh Paen Island. Meander through the island's villages, where traditional stilt houses and artisan workshops showcase Cambodia's authentic way of life.

Krong Kampong Cham is home to the mesmerizing Wat Nokor, a temple adorned with intricate carvings and ancient relics. This spiritual haven offers a serene retreat, inviting visitors to immerse themselves in Cambodia's rich religious heritage.

The city's vibrant riverfront bustles with energy, reflecting the daily rhythms of local life. Admire the French colonial architecture that lines the streets, and soak in the atmosphere of the central market, where vendors display a colorful array of local produce, handicrafts, and culinary delights.

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