Sell Unique Experiences and Things to Do From Your Hotel

Sell tours, activities and unique experiences from your hotel website or from a branded page on our website and earn commission

Toristy Integrations

How it Works

Our service is about adding bookable tours and experiences to your website in your local areas. You can even add your own services if you'd like them to be bookable too or have local partners that service your guests that are not online.

We can either embed services to your website using a widget you give to your website developer or we create a branded page that would be unique to your hotel.

We then provide a QR code you can put on the front desk so it's easily accessible to your guests. Whenever a service is sold by one of our partners your hotel will earn ancillary commission.

Sound good?

Why Toristy?

Cancel anywhere up to 24 hours before the experience (in most cases)

We keep all money in escrow till after the service is delivered, guranteeing you get what you paid for

We curate and check tours for quality and autheticity, guranteeing a memorable experience

We only onboard high quality suppliers and vet all of them individually

Testimonial Toristy Travel

I'm the general manager of the The Royal Grand Hotel in London Uk. We've been working with Toristy for the past year, and I've been very impressed with their platform. It's helped us to reach a wider audience of tourists and to generate new revenue streams.

Toristy makes it easy for tourists to find and book our hotel rooms, as well as other activities and experiences in our city. They also have a great customer service team that is always available to help our guests.

I would definitely recommend Toristy to other hotels. It's a great way to boost your tourism business.

David Doe
Testimonial Toristy Travel

"I'm the general manager of the Best Exotic Marigold Hotel in Bali Indonesia. We've been working with Toristy for the past few months, and I'm really happy with the results. Toristy has helped us to increase our bookings by 20%, and we've also received a lot of positive feedback from our guests about the platform.

Toristy makes it easy for tourists to find and book our hotel rooms, and they also have a great selection of activities and experiences that our guests can enjoy. I would definitely recommend Toristy to other hotels."

I hope this helps!

Sarah Baker

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